What’s New? CCC’s 2017 Training Sessions

CCC UI University is releasing it’s 2017 schedule for registration. For all of you that attended our sessions in 2016, the topics are all brand new. The sessions are still being held every 6 weeks and are only 30 minutes each. Our presenters change each session providing all of CCC’s expert unemployment team an opportunity to share their knowledge Please join us for one or all of the sessions.

This session will review why we have UI Integrity, how it affects the employer and what it means for responding to state unemployment agencies.

This session will define misconduct and help you understand which types of discharges are allowable for unemployment benefits and which are not. We will give you case specific examples.

This session will review why 90 probationary periods are valuable to employers. We will review how different states determine employer liability and how a probationary period can financially impact your organization.

CCC UI University is also adding tax education sessions each quarter. They will be presented by our expert tax departments and will last one hour. Join us for one, more or all!

Our outlook for 2018 will review what occurred in 2017 and it’s impact on 2018. Are the states solvent? Where are we with the Average High Cost Multiple? What is happening to the 2018 Taxable Wage Base for each state? And More!

We look forward to providing you these education opportunities and more. As always, CCC provides free training for all of our clients. If your organization has a specialized need please contact your Account Executive. Not a CCC client? Contact us at info@corporatecostcontrol.com find out how our services can benefit your organization.

Contact CCC to learn how we can save your organization time and money (800) 207-6926

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