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CCC’s tax team has extensive tax incentive expertise, working with Fortune 100 companies.  We use industry leading technology and a dedicated service team to ensure our clients to receive all credits and incentives for which they are eligible, by remaining current to the options available at the federal, state and local levels.

CCC’s dedicated service team offers a host of tax credits and incentives to benefit our clients.

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)

Take Advantage of potential federal tax credits for the following new hires:

  • $9,000 for long term welfare recipients
  • $4,800 for veterans
  • $2,400 for those who meet the “standard” criteria
  • Location-Based Incentives

Earn both federal and state tax credits by employing workers in areas with tax incentives such as Empowerment Zones, Enterprise Zones, and other distressed zones.

  • Job Training Grants

Collect reimbursements ranging from 50-100% for internal, external and on the job training.

  • Energy Credits

Reduce your tax burden by “going green”.

CCC clients expect results.  CCC delivers a maximum return while providing seamless communication.  Throughout the process, CCC’s dedicated service team provides constant communication to ensure every credit is requested and received. At CCC we support our clients with 24/7 phone and web support, along with audit defense as needed.

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