CCCVerify by Corporate Cost Control

CCCVerify is a service provided exclusively by Corporate Cost Control.  Our state-of-the-art system provides secure and instant access to employment and wage information to authorized and credentialed verifiers. CCCVerify offers a cost-free, automated solution for employers in any industry, to alleviate the burden all types verifications and to generate fast, objective and accurate information to better serve their employees and the verification community.

CCCVerify is:

  • Secure
  • 100% free, including all Social Service and Government Agency verifications
  • A Web-based solution
  • 100% FCRA Compliant

Plus, our online portal makes it easy for employees to generate their own free verifications.

If you would a like a fast and cost effective way to remove the burden of employment verifications for your staff and give your employees the best service possible please contact us.

Contact CCC to learn how we can save your organization time and money (800) 207-6926

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