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Unemployment Claims Management Services from Corporate Cost Control

Corporate Cost Control is a national unemployment-insurance service provider that employs the industry’s most knowledgeable unemployment professionals.

Our customized approach to program management is the key to improving our clients’ unemployment compensation program performance, and ultimately the reduction of the related unemployment tax rate. Through client-specific education and training, proactive claims management, professional hearings representation and experienced tax management, we’ll earn your trust through solid results.

Unemployment Services

At Corporate Cost Control, our unemployment management services are strategically implemented to relieve your financial and administrative burdens. We’ll use a truly consultative approach to revitalize all aspects of your unemployment program.

CCC’s experienced, well-trained claims and hearing consultants partner with your organization to win claims and reduce your unemployment costs, freeing up resources in your payroll and human resource departments.

Our unemployment tax experts ensure the accuracy of the financial aspect of unemployment and offer assistance with strategies to continually lower your unemployment tax rate.


CCCVerify is a no-cost solution, which provides secure and instant access to employment and wage information to authorized and credentialed verifiers. CCCVerify has clients of all types and sizes and helps them alleviate the burden of these verifications and to generate fast, objective and accurate information to better serve their employees and the verification community.

i9 Compliance & Management

With penalties ranging from $100 to $1,000 per form, compliance with Federal i9 regulations is crucial.  CCC partners with your organization to provide 100% compliance that is automated and paperless, relieving yet another administrative burden from your organization.

Tax Credits & Incentives

CCC’s expert tax department ensures that CCC is aware of the latest employment tax incentives at all levels, federal state and local.  At CCC we partner with our clients to ensure they receive the maximum credits available, no matter where they are located.

These services are just a fraction of the equation to creating beneficial results for your organization. Take advantage of our combined strategies  for full-service unemployment tax management solutions that will help you save big.

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