communicationWhen it comes to unemployment, communication is very important!  Corporate Cost Control needs to know the specific details surrounding a separation.  We understand that you are busy and most likely have a lot more business items you need to address so when it comes to unemployment you might not see the value in a proper response.  However, you must look at the total picture.  When we receive a claim from the state we need to provide them with enough information to support the reasons for the separation so that they can make the proper decision on whether or not the individual should receive benefits.  Some employers think it is just as simple as sending all the documentation and letting the state just figure it out on their own.  However, when we send the documentation to the state in regards to a claim, we also like to give them a little narrative to try and explain the documentation so the state can understand our point of view.  So with that being said, never be afraid to put a little more detail in your response to Corporate Cost Control so that we too have a clear understanding as to why the claimant is no longer working for you!


These cases can be complicated so you should consult with your Corporate Cost Control team for direction and assistance!

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