US Map CitiesMany firms in the unemployment consulting industry have centralized their operations, restricting their ability to provide service to only certain areas of the country. At CCC, our philosophy is different. With multiple offices across the country in Boston, DC, NYC, Philadelphia, Nashville, Orlando, Clearwater, Chicago, Columbus, St Louis, New Orleans, Dallas, Denver, Seattle and Bakersfield, CCC has the ability to provide local service to virtually any client in the United States.

This has allowed our firm to visit client headquarters and field locations to gain intimate knowledge of their operations and corporate culture. Understanding an organization at this level can be of ample importance when recommending changes to policy and procedure that can affect your firms unemployment costs.

Our team also has the ability to visit any field office for trainings on the unemployment process. Most of our competitors either do not conduct trainings or solely conduct these trainings over the web, limiting question and answer capabilities. Since we can provide these trainings in person, we have found that our account executives can facilitate more interaction and a higher level of learning from frontline managers and field HR representatives. The more actively these individuals in your organization learn about unemployment law, the more proactive you can be in keeping you benefit charges as low as possible.

Centralizing staff for our firm might be more convenient for us, however having a national presence is much more helpful for our clients. Since we put much more importance on the value we provide to our clients than our own convenience, we have chosen this approach.

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