Outsource Warehousing

Many employers outsource their unemployment cost management programs, whether it be via an unemployment TPA, their payroll provider, or a PEO. As the largest privately held UCM provider, we believe this is a great idea and think almost every employer would benefit from outsourcing its unemployment program.  While some employers may be well equipped to handle their unemployment program internally, outsourcing an income/employment verification program to a third party is an obvious choice for most employers for two simple reasons: it’s free and it saves you time.

Most verification platforms like CCC Verify are free to the employer.  Here’s how they work. An employer sends its verification provider a payroll data feed with its wage data every time it runs payroll. In addition, during the implementation process, the employer sends historical payroll data (typically two previous years and YTD wages for the current year). All verifications the employer used to complete in HR or payroll are sent to its verification provider and the vendor completes the verification request on the employer’s behalf. Verification platforms generate revenue by charging commercial verifiers (those accessing income data for a business purpose, e.g., mortgage companies, banks, car dealerships) a small fee to obtain a verification report. Government verifiers should be able to access the system at no cost.  The employer should not be charged for completing a government verification on behalf of the employer. Lastly, per the Fair Credit Reporting Act, your employees can access one free verification online per year.

As you can see, outsourcing your verification program does not cost you anything and it eliminates the need to complete burdensome verification requests internally. If you’re an employer and are interested in learning more about outsourcing your verification program, please reach out to CCC.

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