autopilot-buttonAs a Senior Account Executive with Corporate Cost Control, I recently met with a prospective client who was exploring a change in unemployment service providers.

At the outset of our conversation, I learned the client was receiving their unemployment claims from the state agency, gathering supporting separation documentation from their field offices, filling out the state agency paperwork, submitting the claims to the state agency and then sending a copy of the completed claims to their vendor for their files.   I immediately thought, this was going to be an easy sell……. I was thinking (and conveyed to the client) processing unemployment claims is a burden, and the primary reason for hiring a service company is to lift this burden, not continue to carry it!

I explained CCC’s  standard process includes; setting up Corporate Cost Control’s offices to receive all UI correspondence, option to use Hamlet, our web based portal to provide supporting information, that we assign an experienced claims analyst to process and submit claims to the state agencies, contact the client with appeals recommendations and hand off the process to an experienced Corporate Cost Control Hearings Coordinator to prepare their witnesses for hearings and offer representation.    The Human Resources assistant who handles the client’s claims processing now said “wow you will take all this work off my plate, where do we sign”.

The client also asked if we offer any type of training for their managers who often to do not know how to conduct themselves at unemployment hearings.   I explained Corporate Cost Control’s services included in person and web based education and training.  I explained how we typically tailor our trainings, utilizing actual client unemployment cases and incorporating how specific client policies and procedures impact the ability to win cases.

Following our meeting the client retrieved their over 10-year-old contract with their current vendor and discovered their agreement included training however the vendor never once offered.  Needless to say we have a new client who is eager to take advantage of our services and also saved money on their fee switching to CCC.

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