question-mark1When CCC initially becomes your TPA (third party administrator), we ask for a list of your SUI’s (state unemployment insurance account numbers), so that we may also become address of record. This way, the state knows to send any UI related items to CCC on your behalf. During the course of the relationship though, your company may open new account numbers with the states or change SUI’s. It is imperative that you let your Account Executive know of any and all changes so that we may receive mail for any new SUI’s as well. If CCC is not aware of new SUI’s for your organization and therefore, is not address of record, the state will send UI related items issued under that SUI to a general address for your organization instead of CCC. This will drastically reduce the amount of time that we are provided to respond to UI related items, which is why this is so important. We want to ensure that we are giving you, our client, the most time possible when providing us information for claims and hearings.

If you are not certain whether or not CCC has all of your current SUI’s, just reach out to your Account Executive. We are happy to send you a list of what we currently have and can do an audit to ensure that we are not missing any.

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