check_list_documentation_imageYour documentation is very important when it comes to a separation.  When an employer discharges an employee, we will often ask you for the relevant documentation.

Some employers often get confused about this and want to send the former employee’s entire file to us which will often have performance evaluations, compliments, yearly awards, etc.  The one thing we don’t want to do is overload the state with documentation that is not relevant.  We want to provide ONLY the documentation that is relative to why the employee is no longer working for you.

This would be:

These documents are all you would need to be successful with an unemployment case.  When an employee resigns, it is very simple, if you have the resignation in writing than that is all we need.

When you submit a large number of documents to the state in regards to a claim it makes it difficult for the claims examiner and sometimes the Administrative Law Judge to truly understand why the employee is no longer working for your company.  We want to be thorough but keep it simple!

These cases can be complicated so you should consult with your Corporate Cost Control team for direction and assistance.

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