ResistWe often run into employers who want to protest “everything.” In other words, they want to fight every unemployment claim that they receive regardless of the reason for separation.  At CCC, we highly discourage employers from filing frivolous appeals.  Doing so can damage the reputation of your company with the various State agencies.  If an appeal is filed, the State agency must schedule a hearing where both parties must attend or participate in a hearing before an Appeals Referee or an Administrative Law Judge.  This is an expensive process for all parties involved and if a State determines that an employer continues to appeal cases that have no merit, they will not look favorably at that employer and in some States can fine employers for doing so.  While you may not want any employee to  receive UI benefits, there are times when the law dictates that they are eligible.  Please work with your claims analyst to determine whether or not each unfavorable determination should be appealed.

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